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Updates on Google Search for Meta Title and Meta Description

By June SpringJune Spring
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Meta title and Meta description are important in SEO. If you have just taken your Meta data for granted then you’ll have the right to procrastinate. Google has made a significant change to the title and description lengths in search results for mostly all users.

Meta Titles

Title length before is just 50-60 characters and now it was being set to 70 characters before Google will shorten the title with ellipses. It increases by 10-15 characters. There is a chance that it will go up at a maximum of 71 characters depending on the words used. That is equivalent to 2-4 words added to title tags. This brings good news to other websites because they could add their website name to the end of the Meta title.

With any SEO changes, you will desire to monitor the click-through rate of old title compared to the new ones, but always put in your mind that there are still many other factors to consider with click-through rate.

Meta Description

Descriptions have been increased by 16-20 characters each line. The length per line is set to 100 characters. Google will shorten the description for search results and this means that the overall description will display only 150-160 characters in total. This is a significant increase and this presents far more opportunity to tell searchers what the page is about.

You better expect that Google will adjust their search results to allow for longer descriptions, not like today’s situation wherein only half of the second line was being used compared to the first line. If you have some short but interesting search results that are fewer than 100 characters, pay attention to it. Google will reduce your show up in the search results. Don’t forget to keep in mind that Google could adjust the changes with search results width and these could vary for other character languages.

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