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Tips to Increase Social Media Engagement for Christmas Holiday

By June SpringJune Spring
Santa Claus taking picture using his phone

Christmas is fast approaching. It’s time to plan your social media marketing. These are great tips from our social media experts that can increase your social media engagement.

Plan Your Strategies Ahead

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year. Therefore, it is important to think and plan concepts and ideas in advance and come up with designs for your holiday marketing. Planning ahead can really help you in your marketing campaign. It helps save money. You have ample time to look and research for opportunities. Also, it can give you time to explore new ideas and improve creativity.

Use Trending Holiday Hash tags

During this kind of season, it is essential to tag your related tweets with a unique hash tag. It is one way to foster interaction, increase followers and develop broader prospects.

Motivate Your Followers to Interact

You need to encourage your followers to share and participate in the discussion by asking simple questions, such as “do you believe in Santa”, “what do you want to receive from Santa?” and your favorite holiday traditions. By doing this, it can help increase your followers. But it is important to check every once in a while so that you can provide more information to the discussion.

Run a Successful Contest

It is very important to think of ways on how to get noticed on social media. Thus, hosting a contest is a great way to stand up and take notice. There are several types of contest you can do to your followers. Through running a successful contest you can build brand exposure and gain precious followers. What are you waiting for? Hold a contest, now!

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