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Social Media – How to Handle Customers Online?

As a result of being exposed in a more transparent world, combined with ever increasing customer expectations create both opportunity and threat to any business establishment. The question is that, what to maximize the opportunities and minimize the threats? This is an important question in which you must give importance too.

More and more people use social media as their gateway in interacting with other people and their businesses. Social media influence businesses today, particularly in customer service. Accordingly, there are 50% of people login to social networking sites regularly; 43% of them check social networking sites before going to bed and 27% of them expected a response within 3 days when complaining via a company website. It clearly implies that using social media will provide greater opportunity for anyone’s business.

Since customers are becoming more demanding, their expectations rise as well. They are also shouting about things more too. In response to this, businesses should listen to customer’s needs, questions, suggestions and demands and must have the efficiency in giving quick response to a customer’s concern. You must be ready and fast in responding to their complaints.

In a business world where competition is rampant, customer’s needs should always be addressed. And if you have these qualities you would surely establish a solid bond between you and your customers.

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