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Site Analysis: Monitor SEO Progress

By June SpringJune Spring
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Search engine optimization is a complex task. Spending weeks or months working so hard? Are the results worth your time? If you are uncertain, it’s time to change your game plan.

Metrics are numbers retrieved from your site data. The majority of the data will come from the analytics tool of your choice, may it be your basic Google Analytics or any other more advanced tool like KISS metrics.

Here are series of metrics you can apply to measure SEO success:

Keyword Rankings

How many keywords used to increase your website’s visibility online in a period of 1 month? If the keyword count goes up, it means that more unique keywords are used in the search engines to reach your website’s visibility. The term is called the discovery index; use it in your content strategy to acquire more traffic.

Link Building

Are you increasing the quantity and quality of the websites linking back to your web? The number of backlinks should grow as you construct your effective content strategy of blog posts and media releases. The associated anchor text as well as the domain authority of the websites that link to your content affects the quality of your back links.

Organic Search Traffic

Organic traffic is the best traffic for your website because it will send you most targeted traffic. It comes from unpaid sources to search engines. It is what the whole SEO industry is created around to help website proprietors get better organic page rankings and more visits.

Pages per Visitor

It is a Web Analytics that measure how many pieces of content a particular user or group of users, views on a single website. Pages per visit is generally shown as an average, you divide the total number of page views by the total number of visitors. It can be broken down into pieces by country, region and other factors.

A page per visit is a broad gauge of how persuasive users find the content on a website and how organized it is for user navigation for a better user experience.

Recurrent Visits

The report will help you realize the different kinds of visitors to your website and how you can use this data to make the most of your traffic. Adding custom elements will elevate this analysis to a higher level and will make the data matter more to you.

Whichever course you take, you can now formulate a plan for a more effective marketing campaign to draw the best type of visitor.

Optimizing Page Load Speed

The importance of a page load is not new in the SEO industry. In fact, it played as one of the factors in the search engine rankings that Google considers. Your visitors don’t want to wait long for your page to load. It is very crucial for your website’s usability. Chances are you will miss site visitors in your competition in just seconds, if your website does not load quickly.

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