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SEO – Increase Click-Through Rates

By June SpringJune Spring
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Some snippets of a given page called Meta descriptions don’t affect the search ranking results, but it can be amended through a click through rate, this is according to Google. In fact, they also expound that keywords tag is not that the cornerstone of increased ranking in the search engine results. When you perceive that you need to do better on rankings, then you need to work on how to write striking Meta description your pages. Thus, you need to optimize your website to achieve better Search Engine Optimization.

The following are the connection between Meta description and resulted page on Google:

  • It is not necessary to put most keywords in the Meta description; this is a strict algorithmic perspective.
  • Google measures behaviours of users on a particular website.
  • Click through rate is a factor in the search engine ranking.

Here are some ideas in writing Meta descriptions:

Be Descriptive

Introduce to the user what is the page all about as much as possible, be descriptive. Make sure that the user will be more interested in the page.

Be Persuasive

Let your Meta descriptions be persuasive as it can be to get more clicks, in fact, SEOs consider this to improve the call to action in the description.

Inspire Curiosity

Let your user be curious about what the page will say about a certain topic. You have to provide enough information as well explain what it is all about.

Use Relevant Words, It Matters Most to Users

Using of relevant words matters most to users. These relevant words should correspond in their query. The right word in proper places makes the SERP entry that gets a click different from a SERP entry that gets ignored.

Only 160 characters Long Is Accepted

Optimizing Meta description is a very important aspect in On-Page SEO, you may consume that character in writing a killer Meta description and with the use of relevant words. So, when it is searched, Google will add it to the resulted page.

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