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Not Getting Enough Website Traffic?

Unable to Set Website to Follow, Index Meta tags

There is no way your website can receive search traffic if it’s not in the search engine’s database. When you search your site using: www.yourdomain.com, and it turns to no result or the number of results doesn’t have the same number of your website’s pages, then your website might not set to allow SE’s to recognize you. Set the only pages to “index, follow” Meta tags you want SE’s to index or follow.

Leaving the Old Site Up

If you are planning to create a new site on a new domain, you should make your old site completely down. Why? Having 2 websites up at the same time is a recipe for a disaster when it comes to the search engine.

Relying on SEO Plug-in/Software

Relying too much on SEO Software’s/Plug-in might end up making you lose traffic and customers. Remember this: Use your common sense to optimize your site. Study on your own and list down how your target audience search for things (products, services, information) about your website/business.

Improper Redirecting of Old Pages

It is important to redirect your old pages to the new via 301 redirects and not 302s. Why? 301 –redirects means that a page has permanently moved to a new location which will cause the search engine to remove the old URL and pass the link popularity of the old URL to the new one. 302 –redirects will only cause you to duplicate content issues and Page Rank splitting problems.

Complicated Contents

What I mean is, using words on your website that people need to have a translator or dictionary to understand what your website is all about. It’s a BIG NO. Always keep in mind that you need to convert your target audience to customer or client. How would the audience get interested with you will have a hard time understanding how important you are and why they need your services/products.

Now that you have known the possible mistakes on why your website doesn’t receive traffic, you can now make the necessary improvements. If you find this difficult, then do hire an SEO expert.

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