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Improving Click-Through Rates with Schema Mark-up

By June SpringJune Spring
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Schema Mark-up is a new scheme in SEO that helps in your site’s optimization. It will identify and categorize your site in the search engine. After understanding the notion of schema mark-up, you can definitely use it to your advantage in advancing your site in the search engine result pages.


Schema.org is a definite vocabulary of tags called micro data that when added to your html it will develop on how your page is displayed in the results pages of the search engines. This can be done by augmenting snippets presented below the page title. It will give the clearer nature of your website’s content.

Click-through rates are usually neglected because marketers focus on getting on the top page of search engines. But will the searcher click on your site’s link first off amongst the massive amount of search results? Yes, it is possible by using schema mark-up you can provide a better user experience and a clearer nature of your site which will draw the eyes of the searchers.

Schema.org provides options of different types of structured data you can add to your posts. Here is the list of options that will be appropriate for your business.

Site name, Logo and Social Media Profile Links:

Be consistent in using these data in your website. Indicate the name you preferred that you want Google to display in the search results. Using the schema.org for your website will let you specify the image that Google will use in the SERPs. Use a data mark-up on your website that lets you add your information for social media management. The Google algorithms will process the profiles and then present the most significant and relevant to the user’s inquiry.

  • Reviews:

    This will show your customers your site’s status. Reviews knock out any doubt the customers may have with your products and services offered. It will give them the idea how your site is rated even before they have to click on your link. It will also increase conversion.

  • Location Information:

    For mobile phone users, finding information regarding your business location is much easier when included in your rich snippets.

  • Contact Numbers:

    Allowing searchers to reach you in just a click directly from your snippet using their mobile devices is more convenient for them. They can get in touch with you without browsing your contact details within your site.

  • Events:

    Any scheduled activities or events? Let the people know. Including events in your rich snippet will help you draw the attention and interest of your customers. It will show that your business is active spending time doing compelling things.

  • Institutions:

    Do you have any connections to large organizations or party? Incorporate these in your search snippets to display your site’s credibility, trustworthiness and integrity

Putting a structured data mark-up into implementation is very complex and is very time consuming. This has to be included on each page individually. It will not improve your page rank instantly, but schema mark-up is a major help to increase and make your site more visible to the search engine results.

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