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How to Generate High-Quality Inbound Links?

By June SpringJune Spring
Team of business people collaborate holding up jigsaw puzzle pieces as a solution to a problem

Generating high-quality inbound links is not complicated. However, it takes time, efforts and creativity. How? Below are the things you can do.

Create an Outstanding Content

Not just a simple content, but an outstanding content that drives readers to share. What are these contents? They might be an entertainment, solving problem, controversy and a source of valuable information. When you have this content being published, don’t forget to make it easy to share by placing Tweet Meme, Digg, Facebook or other buttons. Post it also on any social media sites you have. When people shared your content, your website will generate high-quality incoming links.

Create and Share Press Releases Online

A good press release can be published at any high trafficked news organizations, thus it will be a great way to obtain high-quality incoming links. Keep in mind that it should be a good press release, a content that is valuable to others. Additionally, you can control the back links to your site in an online press release. Linking keywords in your press release to relevant pages on your website again contribute to high-quality incoming links.

Directory Submissions

There are a lot of directories sites on the web. Place and list your website and business description on these sites to gain inbound links.

Use Your Partners

When you have developed a great relationship with your partners, you can share links to each other. Businesses may be willing to link to you from their website, especially when you write a review for them.

Build a Collection of Tools

Tools are one of the important needs of people. Whether it is a photo editing tools, calculators, SEO tool etc. once they get used to using these tools they often loved it to share with others. This is another way of earning some good high-quality inbound links while creating credibility to your visitors.

Give Away Free Samples

Freebies often catch visitor’s attention, especially when they badly need it, but don’t want to pay. Offering ‘freebie’ or ‘coupon’ can actually drive inbound links quickly to your website.

Ask for a Link Trade

Although it is not recommended, the truth is that it still works. Sending an email to anyone you know inviting them to exchange links is viable.

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