Assessing The Foundation Of SEO

Keyword research plays a vital role in the SEO implementation as it is said to be the foundation of SEO. A building would likely collapse without a strong foundation. Thus, SEO implementation is nothing without its keywords. Keywords are like maps of your Search Engine Optimization campaigns, they guide you directions and tells you whether you have made progress, helping you to understand and cope up with the thoughts, fears, and desire of your target market. To Gain The Advantages Of Keywords, One Must Learn How To Find And Use The To Its Profit. Mastering the art finding for amazing and excellent keywords for your business will help you know your customer better more than your competition and will benefit you in getting more traffics.

Here is a comprehensive guide to show you with exact and effective ways on how to find words and phrases that your target market generally uses when searching the web. And when you create your on-page SEO with the perfect keywords, you’ll see your site speed up to the top of google – resulting you more traffics, leads and sales in the process.

Keywords research starts with finding Niche Topics. Most people start the process by using a keyword research tool like Google Keyword Planner but this is purely wrong because these tools will only show you with keywords that are very firmly tied to the keywords that you gave it for an example. These keywords may be closed but not directly related to what you sell. These are frequently profitable keywords in your market thus everyone is targeting exactly the same keywords making it hard and impossible for other so many keywords to make or reach a high rank. Unfortunately, these less competitive keywords are as profitable, but really hard to find.

Let’s take a look at what we called “Niche Topics”. Niche Topics are unspecified topics that your target customer most probably is interested in. Beginning with these topics is the most effective and simplest way to look for these kinds of untapped keywords. The aim collecting Niche Topics is to map out different topics that your target market searches in google. Here are some easy techniques you can use:

Buyer Personas a simplest, way to identify Niche Topics that you prospective customer concern about. After learning these topics, you will easily find keywords that are used every day. Keyword research focused buyer persona on details or information that should be included from your probable customer like: Gender, Age, Approximate Income, Hobbies and Interests, Things that they struggle with and What they want to accomplish (personally and professionally). This may depend on your industry.

Forums are the same as having live focus groups through chats 24/7. The most effortless way to look for forums where most of your target audience hang out is by using these strings in Google: “keywords + forums”.

Wikipedia is a frequently ignored goldmine for Niche Research.

Reddit is where you can do a little stalking to find a handful of Niche Topics with ease.
After distinguishing a massive group of Niche Topics it is a high time to find for some keywords.
Mostly SEO expert divide keywords into three main classifications: Head, Body and Tail

Head is generally single-word keywords with outrageous amounts of search volume and competitions.

A Body composed of 2-3 words, phrases that generate a decent or a normal amount of search volumes and are more specified than the head keywords.

Long Tail keywords contain 4 or more word phrases that are mostly specific. They do not get a large search volume, but when combined together they form the majority of searches online.

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